Saturday, 14 September 2013

Week One!

I just want to start out by saying, sorry for not postings sooner! It has been a busy but great week and this morning have some time to fill you all in!

Week one of classes is complete! It was weird to be back in class, but now a routine and a schedule is slowing starting to come together which I like. Mondays are my busy and long days. I have two classes in the morning and then a class from 5:30-9:15, which is long and exhausting after a long day, but we make it work! For the first time, I really enjoy all of my classes and professors. As I was telling my mom the other day, I am getting into my business courses which I find exciting and interesting. 

Tuesday, we had our first art history class. This was one I was excited for until I realize it's another four hour class. However, when I sat down in class on Tuesday, I realized we would never be in the classroom. Our British professor wants to make this class as fun and exciting as she can and something we wouldn't be able to do back home. So, we get to go to a different gallery each week to see different pieces of work! She lives for art and it's so nice to have her at the galleries because we get all this information that we would never had known!

Wednesdays are our community service days and Wednesday was our first time there. I was a bit worried that when we showed up, they weren't going to know what to do with us or why we were here. This has happened to past London Business Semester (LBS) students. But, Mandie who was at the office greeted us and got us name tags and put each of us in our classroom. I am in Year 4 (I think like 3rd graders). They are full of energy and when the locals say our normal tone is yelling, I would like to bring them into my classroom! We're quiet compared to some of these kids! They all wanted to get to know me and I am so excited for this part of our experience abroad. 

Thursday, I had Business Ethics and Marketing again, which are taught by the two UST professors. I love both of those classes and really like both professors. They get we are abroad and want to see and learn as much as we can, so we incorporate what we do outside of class to what we are learning about in class. 

Yesterday, we had a day trip to Brighton. Brighton is about 60 miles from London and is where one of the beaches is. But hang on a second... sand, sunshine, beach, nope a pebble beach! Good thing we were in rain jackets and rain boots, because you guessed it, it rained yesterday! It only started once we were leaving, so we had a fun day of lunch at the pier, shopping, and a few rides on the pier. We finally got back to our homestays around 7:45 pm and Megan and I made dinner and chatted with our family for a bit. I skyped a few friends from home, which was so nice but also made me miss home a little bit. I know this is all short-term and that we are going to look back on this experience and be like wow, what an opportunity that was!

Today, I am going to meet up with some girls and book our trip to Spain & do some shopping! 

All for now! Hope everyone is doing well at home!


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