Monday, 14 October 2013

A Relaxing Weekend

Well, it's Monday! That means it is time for a weekly update. There is not much to report on this past week, so I will make it short and sweet.

We had class all last week like normal and are diving into our coursework as mid-term is quickly approaching us. It is crazy to think that mid-term break is next week! Time really is flying by. For my art history class last week we went to the Tate Modern museum. I am not much of a museum person, but loved every minute at the Tate. The Tate is very modern and interactive, so it was very cool to explore and learn more about art. I love our art history professor. She is wonderful and lives, eats, and breaths art! 

This past weekend my roommate went to Ireland for the weekend, so I was home alone for the weekend. It was so quiet in our room but also nice to have my own space for the weekend! She said Ireland was a blast, so I am kind of jealous I didn't go. This weekend was all about homework. A lot of people are like "oh you don't get homework abroad", well that statement was false this weekend. Throughout the semester this far we hadn't had a lot of homework but it came down on us this weekend. I had a paper for Business Ethics, a COJO midterm today, and a marketing exam on Thursday. So Thursday and Saturday night I stayed in and caught up on homework. Sunday was also devoted to getting homework done.

On Friday night, we went out to a bar called Piccadilly Institute, which was an old mental hospital that has been converted into a bar/club. It was really fun as there were a lot of us from the group, but was very expensive. But hey, you only live in London once! That has been my motto of the trip!

Besides Friday, I spent time hanging out with my host family, by watching movies and playing Just Dance. I can't wait for my family to meet them this weekend.

So that brings me to the most exciting part of this week! Mom, Dad, and T arrive on Thursday afternoon. I am beyond excited to see them and show them around London. Dad and T will leave on Sunday so T can get back to school and swimming and then my mom and I will head off to Italy for the week for some quality mother/daughter bonding. I am excited to explore Italy with her. So I can't wait to update you all after mid-term break with many exciting stories and pictures!

So stay tuned for an update from Italy in a few weeks! 

All for now! 


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