Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Finally Reunited!

Hi everyone!

So sorry for not being caught up on blogs, but have been crazy busy since I last posted. I will try and keep you updated in a few different blog posts!

So Thursday before mid-term break, I had marketing and business ethics as usual. I took my marketing midterm and then headed off to find the Marriott Regent Park, because guess who had arrived? Yep, mom, dad, and Tommy. I couldn't control my excitement on the tube, I was so excited to see them.

I headed up to their room to be greeted with hugs (held the tears back). We relaxed in the hotel as they were all a bit exhausted and jet-lagged. Expect we needed to hit the ground running because my dad and brother were not here for very long. Thursday night, we headed up to Wood Green, where I live and we had dinner at The Gate (almost better than Punch) with my roommate Megan. I was happy she could meet them before heading off for her mid-term break vacation. After dinner, I went home to pack and they wandered around for a bit before coming to meet my host family!

They made it back to my house and met the family who I have been living with. We enjoyed great conversation and dessert. Anytime guests come, my family always has dessert and tea. It was so much fun and both families meshed so well! I showed them around the house and my room. We ended up staying much longer than anticipated but it was great.

Friday, we jumped on the hop on hop off bus tour for the day. We saw all the major sites including: Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Leciester Square, Piccadilly Circus, etc! After a day of sightseeing we had dinner before we went to Jersey Boys. If any of you know my dad, of course he couldn't come to London and not see Jersey Boys. I think it is like the 7th time he has seen it!

Saturday, we started off the day by heading to Wembley stadium. Then, we continued our bus tour and saw Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Globe Theater, Tower of London, London Eye. We went on the London Eye and was so cool to see the city from the top. Saturday night we ate dinner at a steakhouse in Piccadilly Circus followed with some Cinnabon for dessert. We ended the night by seeing the famous crosswalk at Abbey Road and headed back to the hotel as T and Dad had an early departure the next morning.

It was so great to see them and to be reunited for the weekend. It is hard to believe that we are halfway done with the incredible experience and will be home in no time! (My mom and Tommy has most of our pictures, will try and upload more).

Next post: Exploring Italy with mom!


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