Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wait, we are 1/3 done?

So we are officially one third of the way done with our program abroad. It is crazy to think that we have been here for over a month and that next week my family will be here. I am so excited to see them (have mom bring some clothes and food as well), but mainly excited to see them!

A lot has happened since my last post, sorry for getting a bit behind. Monday was a busy day!

Last week we had class all week as usual, but I swear the weeks go by so much faster here than they do at home. On Thursday after marketing, we quickly traveled to King's Cross to meet our group to take the train to Scotland for the weekend. Before I left home, many LBS alumni have said that Scotland was the best trip and the group gets really close. I had been looking forward to Scotland since I got here. It is weird to think that it is here and gone!

We arrived to Edinburgh on Thursday night and made our way to our first hostel. We settled into our room and some of us decided to go look at this castle, I don't remember the name. Our guides told us that not seeing this castle was like not seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. So a large number of us headed out in the pouring rain to see the castle. We made it, of course, it was closed and couldn't get super close to take pictures. It was still cool to see this beautiful castle. By the time we made it back to the hostel, Bissa and I were soaked, we thought who needs rain boots and an umbrella? After a quick change and made ourselves look presentable again, we headed down to the bar for dinner and a few drinks. I had chicken fajitas which were out of this world. SO good to finally find good Mexican food. Majority of our group made their way down to the bar and we all enjoyed ourselves and the bonding has begun. There was even some yoga being done at the bar that night. We won't go into details.

Friday morning we had to be on the bus at 8:30, so 7:00 am came way too fast, after it took me half the night to fall asleep. We enjoyed a simple breakfast and headed out for our journey of Scotland. We met our tour guide and driver for the weekend, who were unreal. I can't even describe Dave our tour guide. Oh wait I can, long curly red hair, longest beard I have ever seen, and of course a kilt! He was great and had so much information to share with us. Friday we stopped several times to get out, enjoy the scenery, and to take pictures. I probably took about four naps on the bus, but seemed to be awake for every major stop! After about eight hours on the bus, we made it to the hostel. Ok, the name of the hostel was "Saucy Mary's". Enough said about that. We enjoyed a dinner provided by the hostel. I chose salmon, potatoes, and a salad. Dad, aren't you proud, that after 4 years of working at the Campfire Grill, I finally tried salmon and actually loved it! I know you would be proud. There was live music at the bar that night, so of course, we all hung at the bar and enjoyed ourselves. We spent some time down by the water, which was so cool and beautiful at night.

Saturday was another early morning. We had to be back on the bus at 8:30 so after we scrambled to get out of bed and get to breakfast, we made it just on time to be on the bus. Saturday was pretty much similar to Friday, where we were on the bus all day seeing major sites. I can't even describe the Scotland Highlands. So beautiful! It was so refreshing to be in the countryside for the weekend, and get out of the busy, crazy London. It even reminded us a lot of home, or being up north at the cabin with all the lakes and green! Saturday night we arrived at our last hostel and enjoyed an Italian meal. We met the bartender Neil, who said we were in for a good night! We were all excited and many people dressed up in traditional Scottish clothing which made the night so much fun. Saturday night, I was stuck rooming with Bissa, Michaela, and Rosey... just kidding I was beyond excited that the four of us were put together.

Bissa, Michaela, Rosey, and I have gotten so close since being here in London and so glad to call them some of my best friends. We had so much fun rooming together, maybe a little too much fun, and maybe a little loud, but hey you are only in Scotland once! Scotland brought our entire group together and I feel like I can honestly say I have made fifty new best friends. Today, Rosey and Michaela left for Prague and we literally stood in the middle of the sidewalk and hugged each other and our entire program thought we were crazy, but it will be weird not to see them for the weekend!

Tomorrow, as a group (or the ones who aren't traveling for the weekend) will have a ride on the London Eye and a tour of Greenwich. I am excited to finally go on the London Eye! Bissa and I have a few things we want to accomplish this weekend, yes, shopping. We have a lot of homework for next week so it's a good weekend to be here in London and I think some host sibling bonding is in store for this weekend as well.

Next week, we have class, but the most exciting part will be at 2 pm on Thursday afternoon. I will make my way to the Marriott Regent Park and finally see my family. 6 weeks ago when we arrived, this seemed like so far away and now it's only a week away. Since some of my goodbyes were hard when I left, I am excited to see everyone.

That's all for now, expect a post next week when they arrive! Off to finish homework!


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