Monday, 18 November 2013

Another weekend getaway: Prague

 Happy Monday everyone!

Another busy and eventful week here in London. The official countdown to home has begun. Less than a month until we land back in snowy, cold Minnesota. It is crazy to begin to think that our time is coming to an end here in London. We have had a great semester, but I think it has hit a lot of us that we are starting to be ready to be home. But with that, we are going to soak everything in these next before weeks before heading home. It will be fun to experience "home for the holidays" which a lot of people experience each Christmas, but being 5 minutes from home, I haven't really had that feeling, but know it will hit home this Christmas.

Anyways back to London! This past week we did some great things and had another week of classes. For Art History we got to visit so many modern galleries this past week, which was interesting to compare to a lot of older art that we had been learning about. Tuesday night, we went to the Comedy Store to enjoy a British comedy show. Let's just say they love picking on the Americans, so we were the hit of the show. I haven't laughed so hard in awhile. It was a great night. Wednesday night, Megan and I got to experience another cultural experience. Pasha, our 14 year old, host sister, had her school play and she wanted us to be there. Of course we couldn't pass up this opportunity. It was fun to see her and Kiran's school which they talk about a lot so it was fun to see where they go to school and see Pasha's school play!

(Comedy Show)

Thursday, Megan, Bailey, and I headed off for another weekend getaway. We really have this country hopping down! We headed off to Prague in the Czech Republic to see the city and see Lindsey Steer. It seems like so long ago when we booked our tickets in September but this weekend came so fast and I was excited to see Lindsey. We met her at the airport and headed to get dinner before getting to our hostel. Friday was a day of sightseeing and we didn't realize Prague was a bit chilly (same as MN) so we ended up taking a city tour and saw all the main sites of Prague including the Charles Bridge, the clock, and Prague castles! Saturday we enjoyed a relaxed day as we had done a lot of sightseeing the day before. We met Lindsey and she showed us a local farmer's market and there were many different foods, flowers, and lots of wine. It was a neat experience. After the farmer's market, we walked around Old Town and had lunch. We ended up getting Thai massages, which was an adventure in itself. A Thai massage isn't the most relaxing thing. Lindsey met us again for dinner and we said our goodbyes. Sunday morning was an early morning to get to the airport and catch our flight back to London.

(Lindsey and I at the Lennon Wall)

Prague was so great, but it is nice to be back in London. We have a lot left to do in London with only a short amount of time left here. Yesterday, we got caught up on homework, made some dinner, skyped with Nick, Melissa, and Hadley. Hadley is talking! She is so precious and can't wait to make a trip to Dallas when I get home.

Well that's all for now, as I am getting ready for my four hour night class on intercultural communication. Sounds like so much fun... not!

At bat: Bath & Stonehenge this weekend
On deck: Switzerland
In the hole: Last weekend in London

See you all so soon! Just four short weeks!


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