Monday, 25 November 2013

We're in the teens!

 Hi everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm. I hear it is getting cold and the snow has come or is coming. That is one thing I am not looking forward to coming home. However, it is getting chilly here. I am so glad my mom brought my winter jacket, as Switzerland is coming up this weekend and I know it will be cold.

Anyways, as my title says, the countdown to home is in the teens. Official countdown: 18 days! Most of us are really excited to get home and see family and friends. But we have a lot of fun things coming up, so I know that our time is going to fly and we will be home in no time.

So this past week, we had classes, which has turned into crunch time for a lot of projects and homework. It's that time of the semester and we have a lot to do before we leave. But anyways, classes have been going well and still enjoying each of them, which is unusual, because normally at this time of the semester, I am so bored of them and just want to be done. But, it's different here.

On Friday morning, we had to be up early and to Dilke House at 8:20 am for our overnight trip to Bath, Glastonbury, and Stonehenge. I had been looking forward to this especially to see Stonehenge! Our first stop was at Avebury, which we saw a historic rock site, similar to Stonehenge. Russell, our tour guide for the weekend, was the best and gave us loads of information and stories about all the sites we saw over the weekend. After Avebury, we made our way to Bath where we stayed the night.

I loved Bath and wish we had more time to explore the town. My host brother, Kiran, had an interview for the University of Bath and really loved it! We saw the abbey, and then had a tour of the Roman Baths. We didn't have a lot of time in the Baths, but it was incredible to see and to also see the Hot Springs. After exploring the Baths, we had a quick walking tour around the city center. A beautiful, cute town with so many shops!

(Michaela and I at the Roman Baths)

Friday night, we settled into our hotel and had a great three course meal. It was great to mingle with others on the program. After dinner, many of us stayed down in this common area and played Mafia for  like 8 hours (I finally quit around 1 am). The hotel manager said the next day that we were the best group of students she had. Finally! We redeemed ourselves a bit after Scotland. Friday, we traveled to Glastonbury and climbed this huge hill to the Tor. After we saw the Abbey and then ended our trip at Stonehenge.

Stonehenge was beautiful and my favorite part of the trip! You couldn't go up to the rocks like I thought you could. We walked around and heard the history of Stonehenge. Russell is full of knowledge and has so many stories. After Stonehenge we got back on the coach and headed back to London. Once got back, Bissa and I headed to get a quick bite to eat and head home for the night.


So, here we are three weeks to go!

At bat: Switzerland this weekend
On deck: Last weekend in London
In the hole: HOME SWEET HOME

All for now, look for a new update after Switzerland! Can't wait to see you all so soon!


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