Monday, 4 November 2013

Wait, only 39 days left here?

Well, it's Monday! Time for a weekly update from London!

I hope you all had a great weekend back at home, another Viking loss and hopefully another Packer win tonight!

We enjoyed ourselves in London this weekend as it was nice to settle back in from mid-term break. We had classes all week and had a great weekend.. maybe a little too much fun!

Thursday night was Halloween and to my surprise, there were a lot of people here celebrating Halloween as well. Before we left for the night, Megan and I passed out candy at our home stay and had a few groups of kids. I think we probably got more kids than we do at home. We headed down to our school for a Halloween party. A few us of went as cowgirls, pretty casual costumes! We had a fun night at ULU and tried to head to Roxy (a local club) but Rosey forgot her ID so we headed back to her parents' flat and headed to bed. Glad we did, as we had an early morning on Friday.

Santa's Little Helper and a Cowgirl (Bissa and I)

On Friday morning, we had a tour of Inns of Court. Inns of Court in London is where people who want to become lawyers study and live while in school. All barristers in London must belong to one of the inns. I didn't think I was going to enjoy the tour, but ended up loving it and learning a lot about UK law and how US and UK law are intertwined. After Inns of Court, I headed home to get changed for our tour at Lloyd's of London.

Lloyd's of London

Lloyd's of London is a huge insurance market located in the financial district of London. The building alone is so cool. All of the insides (elevators, pipes, etc.) are all on the outside. Very cool. We had a tour of Lloyd's and got the insights on the insurance market and to learn more about exactly what happens at Lloyd's. Very cool to experience Inns of Court and Lloyd's.

Friday night we once again headed back down to school and seriously had so much fun! It was a small group of us but it ended up to be a lot of fun! A few of us ended up sleeping at a friend's house for the night so it was fun a night to say the least.

Claire and I

Saturday, I basically slept the day away, whoops. Going to bed at 4 am the night before didn't help. Megan (my roommate) went out shopping, so I caught up on some sleep and homework. Saturday night there was a big firework show at Alexandra Palace, near our house, and we had heard since we arrived that we needed to go this. So, we went with our host siblings and had so much fun! So glad we ended up going and even though it was freezing Saturday night, it was some quality host sibling bonding time.
Our great host-siblings (Pasha and Kiran)

One girl on our program turned 21 on Saturday, so we ended up doing another pub crawl. These things are so much fun and enjoyed myself once again. It was another late night, so Sunday we slept in and got some homework done and actually made it to the grocery store to get groceries for the week.

So basically this weekend in a nut shell: barely any sleep, way too much fun, and good times with good friends!

As my title said it, we only have 39 days left here, which is crazy to think. Yesterday I had a Facebook message with all of my HS friends, which made me miss home a bit, but know these next few weeks are going to fly by.

Exciting news for this upcoming week! Marissa Pederson comes to visit from Spain! I am so excited to see her as she was in Chicago for the entire summer. We have a few things planned, dinner with another CDH friend on Thursday and a soccer match on Saturday afternoon.

And next week we are off to Prague to visit Lindsey Steer! So many exciting things coming up so be prepared for lots of pictures next week and a weekly update.

Miss you all & I will see you all soon!


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